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The Darkness II  

These images show environments that I was responsible for as a Layout Artist for the videogame Star Trek.
The leveldesign requires the player to swim through tunnels for a sizable chunk of this level. The story I created in this environment is that it takes place right next to a big, wild river. Once a while the waterlevel rises, overflowing parts of the lands and nearby cave systems. There's remains of an old spaceship in the middle of the level that at some point in history has crashed down on the planet. Parts of it got either spread through the tunnels with the current of the river, or used by the locals to support the caves and build campsites.

I did layout, lighting and quite a bit of polish-modeling on the caves to suit my needs in composition and storytelling. There wasn't any concepts for this environment, so I had a lot of creative freedom to work with.
LevelDesign was done by Tim Fields. Most rocks were created by Adrian Migliazza, including a first pass on the rough cave-shapes.

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