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The Darkness II  

A level build in the UDK for the canceled game Nomos. The story about this environment is that it's a refuge cave-camp where people try to rebuilt their life after their war-torn history. This above area is the main hall, a HUB-area, which connects to other areas like sleeping quarters, garden and theather.

As a Level Artist I was reponsible for the art department on this certain level and brought it to life from concept art to final product. I created the cave itself including uv's, textures, normalmaps, lightmaps and material-painting. Most of the flora and other smaller objects were made by the 3D artists. Which was commissioned, managed and level-assembled by me.

Note that I also did all the lighting and post-fx here. This level was far from complete when the company was shut down, so I continued working on this one at home. I thought it deserved to be finished after all the hard work me and my team had already put in this huge environment.

Concept art of the environment designed by Bang Phan

This specific area consists out of 29 levelblocks modeled by me. After this comes the painting of materials and then I start working on assembling objects in UDK

This whole area was meant to be a complete turn-a-round from where the game would begin, which is a very futuristic city rising high above the clouds including the flying vehicles and robots. Now instead of automated doors and subways you'd have cloth curtains and cable cars running on the power of moving water and wind. There were three main themes in this game; Bright futuristic, dark urban slums and organic caves. I've worked on both slums and caves, although the latter soon became my fulltime activity.

This is the market area, where the player could get upgrades for his gear and weapons in exchange for aiding the locals in getting food and other tasks.

Concept art made by one of the former concepters, Maartje Heere, for me to base the market on.
This is a typical area where I made a list out of all the objects needed and passed it on to the 3D artists. This way I could keep focus on the big picture and put everything in the right place as soon as they were done modeling.

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